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Wings & Things




March 03, 2023

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Since the end of the first quarter of this year, we have collaborated with the organizers of the grand gastronomic festival, Wings & Things. Our goal was to create excitement around this unique culinary event and attract a wide audience of food enthusiasts and culinary aficionados. The following paragraphs provide more information about our strategic and creative approach in promoting the first edition of the festival.

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In-depth research on gastronomic trends and the expectations of the target audience

Development of a tailored communication and marketing strategy for the launch of the gastronomic festival.

Creation of impactful communication materials (visuals, videos, press releases, etc.) to showcase the uniqueness and appeal of the festival.

Wide dissemination of the campaign through various communication channels to effectively reach our target audience.

Ongoing monitoring and analysis of results to fine-tune the campaign based on feedback and performance, with future editions in mind.

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Successful festival launch: Our main objective was to raise awareness of the inaugural gastronomic festival and generate public interest right from the start.

Attract a diverse audience: We aimed to appeal to food lovers, the curious, foodies, industry professionals, and specialized media.

Create a memorable experience: Our ultimate desire was to offer the public an immersive and unforgettable culinary experience, highlighting the diversity of flavors, talented chefs, and exclusive events. We succeeded in achieving this.

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Creation of a distinctive visual identity: We developed an attractive and recognizable visual identity for the festival, using captivating graphic elements and a color palette that evokes culinary art and conviviality.

Multi-channel marketing campaign: We implemented an integrated communication strategy, utilizing social media, email marketing, online advertising, and public relations to actively promote the festival.

Strategic partnerships: We established collaborations with influencers/bloggers and local media to increase the festival's visibility and enhance its credibility from its very first edition.


High participation in the first edition of the festival. Active engagement on social media platforms. Increased media recognition and coverage.