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Marketing campaign

Canadian Embassy in Haiti


Canadian Embassy in Haiti




July 07, 2023

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We are pleased to present the mandate we successfully carried out in collaboration with the Canadian Embassy in Haiti. The main objective of this initiative was to establish a network linking former Haitian students in Canada to future Haitian students, enabling them to share experiences and provide advice. In addition, the campaign aimed to promote the possibility of obtaining Canadian technical or professional degrees, as well as continuing education certificates, through distance learning from Haiti. To effectively spread this message, a digital marketing campaign was launched, which led to our collaboration. As service provider and implementation partner, we provided a full range of services to support the campaign's success.

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The main objectives of the mandate were as follows:

Establish a network: Facilitate the establishment of a network that enables Haitian alumni in Canada to share their experiences and guide future Haitian students.

Promote distance learning: Emphasize the possibility of pursuing technical or professional diplomas and Canadian continuing education certificates through distance learning from Haiti.

Raise awareness: Utilize a digital marketing campaign to raise awareness about the opportunities available and encourage participation in the network.


Our comprehensive execution of this mandate exemplifies our commitment to fostering educational opportunities, promoting networking, and supporting the Haitian diaspora in Canada. We are proud to have played a vital role in establishing the network, raising awareness about distance learning possibilities, and organizing a successful closing event. The Collaboration with the Canadian Embassy enabled us to develop powerful communication strategies, contributing to the campaign's overall success.