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Communication campaign

Canadian Embassy in Haiti


Canadian Embassy in Haiti




July 07, 2023

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We are delighted to present the mandate we successfully executed for the promotion of the "Valuing the Contribution of Afro-Descendants" campaign, in collaboration with the Canadian Embassy in Haiti. Our objective was to raise awareness and foster engagement in this initiative, which focused on promoting diversity, inclusion, and the elimination of racism against Black individuals. This text outlines the key elements of our participation, from logistical coordination to creative communication strategies.

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Effective campaign launch: Our primary goal was to ensure a successful launch of the awareness campaign, generating significant attention and interest from the start.

Promote diversity and inclusion: We aimed to engage a diverse audience, including individuals passionate about promoting diversity, influencers, and members of the media.

Create an impactful experience: Our objective was to create a memorable experience for participants, highlighting the importance of valuing the contributions of Afro-descendants through a series of engaging activities and events.

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Logistical coordination: We meticulously coordinated the logistics of the campaign, ensuring smooth execution of activities and events during the five-week period.

Creative communication: We developed a visually appealing and coherent communication strategy, including the creation of a distinctive visual identity, graphic design, and printing materials.

Digital presence: Our team managed the social media marketing strategy, leveraging platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to amplify the campaign's reach. We employed lead capture techniques, profiled followers and likers, and implemented paid advertising to enhance visibility.

Engaging challenges: To encourage active participation, we organized the "#jesuisnoiretjesuis" challenge on various social media platforms, fostering discussions and promoting the campaign's key messages.

Virtual talk and multimedia content: We facilitated a thought-provoking virtual talk on Zoom, exploring the significance of diversity and the role of Afro-descendants in diplomacy. Additionally, we developed high-quality multimedia materials, including photography, videography, and a captivating mini-documentary.

Trilingual communication: We crafted compelling textual content in English, French, and Creole to ensure effective communication with a wide range of audiences.

Support and collaboration: We provided dedicated support to the PSAT team and the Canadian Embassy in Haiti, addressing specific requests and ensuring a seamless implementation of the campaign.

We organized a memorable closing event at Caribe Hotel, offering participants an opportunity to reflect on the achievements of the campaign and celebrate the collective efforts toward promoting diversity and inclusion.


Our mandate for the "Valuing the Contribution of Afro-Descendants" campaign showcased our commitment to raising awareness, fostering engagement, and driving positive change in the promotion of diversity and the elimination of racism. We are proud to have played a significant role in this initiative, contributing to its success and making a meaningful impact in our society.